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2015 Yi Peng Festival
Thailands ultimate spiritual cleanse.

Phoenix | September 11, 2015

Festival will be held November 22 – 25th, 2015.

(November 25th will be the Mass Latern ceremony)

If anything changes, I will keep you updated

Thailand’s “Yi Peng” and “Loy Kraythong” also know as the “Festival of Lights” Is one of the most spectacular spirtual and sacred events you could ever imagine. It’s been on my “living list’ for a while and this year I refust to miss it. So I’ve scoured the internet for weeks gathering as much information as possible since the exact dates were fairly confusing for a while. So if you’re interested in going, here’s some of the details.

The Festival of lights “Yi Peng”  &  Loy Krathong is a spirtual release ceremony that serves as a time of relection and release of the past as well as any negative energy. While releasing the Laterns into the sky you’re inviting a new beginning in to your life. It the ultimate cleansing experience in the most beautiful of ways.

The festival is held in Chaing Mai. There’s plenty of airports in Thailand. But the cheapest way is to fly into Bangkok and catch a domestic flight from there around $40-$50

The Latern festival will be held on the grounds at the Mae Jo University

Since this is a spirtual and religious event. It is important to dress respectably. No see thru, no shorts, nothing sleeveless as they are considered not proper. They also love if you wear the traditional lanna scarf.

I ‘ll keep you posted on where to get one.

So whats the difference between Yi Peng and Loy Krathong?


Loy Krathong 

Is the floating light ceremony.  (water) : The idea is that the bad fotune can be discarded and float away.


Yi Peng or Yee Peng (local name)

Marina Bay Countdown 2013

Festival of Lights (sky) : Releasing the old and inviting the new. It is also a time of forgiveness.

Cant get to Thailand? Check out the Rise Festival in Phoenix

The Rise Festival will be held in Phoenix on November 7, 2015 and is just as spectacular as the one in Thailand. Check them out for this amazing event and details.

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