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My name is Phoenix White and I am a single mother with a 10  year old son named Chimere. We have decided to follow our calling, sell everything in our house  to travel the world doing Charity Work.

Starting November  2015;  we are packing our bags and headed overseas to Jump in hands on,  to use our talents, gifts, skills and HEART to help others around the world who are in need.

My son and I are opening up to something new and different. Filled with unwavering Gratitude, Faith, Courage, Healing, Growth & Experience through helping others.

(I know it probably sound Nuts to some of you,) to just pack up your stuff and move across the world, but we’ve decided it’s time to get out and do something instead of just talking about it.


Chimere an I both have alot of love in our hearts to give.  We’ve been talking about how to help others in different ways for quite some time.  I have also done quite a bit of outreach and charity work right here in the United States.

I’ve worked for non profit organizations such as; CYFC a foster youth organization as an ambassador for the last 8 years, as well as United Way, Toys for Tots, Feed the homeless LA, St Bernard Foundation, Love is bald, Habitat for Humanity, Britti Cares, Wounded Warriors, and many more. Also during the summer months I often go downtown to hand out food, clothes and cold water.

So now we are taking it up a notch and are expanding our work to other countries. 

We hope to inspire others to give back. We have so much more than we think. But to go for it! Walking the walk, instead of just talking the talk.

Most recently, I became an Author; after releasing my highly anticipated new book “Redefining Strong” a riveting story of self-discovery, sacrifice, and healing. Which I am incredibly proud of. I am also a Celebrity Photographer and have shot many covers under my Emkron Studios brand. Check it out here. I absolutely love capturing the essence of a persons spirit.

Currently I am moving at lightning speed using my innovative and creative talents as a highly sought after ‘Television Producer’ and ‘Director’ for companies such as; We TV, HBO, Glassman Media, Vh1,  and CMT to name a few.

You may also know me as one of the stars of the hit new reality series “Match Made in Heaven” currently on We Tv. As well as  a TV Host on Maria Menounos network ‘Black Hollywood Live.’” Following the Whisper”

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