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Airline Secrets
What they don’t want you to know

Phoenix | September 9, 2015

Did you know

• That everytime you look up a flight on an airline website or search engine, that it logs how many times you search a particular destination? So automatically after a few searches of the same thing it will RAISE the price on you. Sounds crazy I know but it’s true and has happened to me several times. But when I log on from a different device or computer the prices are lower.

A great way to fix this little mishap from happening is to continuosly clean your cache on your computer as well as on your smart phones.


Clear your Iphone Cache

Go to Setting application

Settings > Safari

Then scroll all the way to the bottom

• Under Privacy & Security | Make sure it’s set ON to do not track

Then click > Clear History and Website Data and voila you’re all done.

If you know of any tips and tricks I would love to hear them.



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