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How to Watch Hulu, Netflix & More
While Traveling Abroad

Phoenix | December 14, 2015

Hi Loves,

So as I’ve been traveling the past few weeks in Asia. I found that it was virtually impossible to watch anything online because the US networks have them all blocked. But I was determined to to catch up on some of my favorite shows from the states like Scandal, the Flash, Empire, Quantico and etc…. But even with my Hotspot shield (that I paid for) turned on, the networks were still able to identify that I was out of the country and blocked me.

But after doing a bit of research I found an incredible solution… That so far has been amazing and works super fast even though my internet was a bit sketchy at times and I am able to literally watch Hulu and Netflix with no problems and no interruption. So I thought I would pass along the info.


  • Download Firefox and Install.
  • Open a Window in Firefox and go to MediaHint.
  • Download & Install a free trial for 7 days so you can try it out.
  • It will add it to you Search bar at the top of Firefox (it should be a play button in fuchsia, green and blue that says “ON”)
  • Restart firefox (make sure to deactivate any other hot spot shields or I found it won’t work.)
  • Open a new window and start browsing your streaming site of choice and voila… Easy Breezy.



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