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Selling Everything You Own
Following the Whisper

Phoenix | October 13, 2015

This past weekend was filled with mixed emotions as I stepped out on some serious faith listening to the Whispers in my Spirit and literally selling everything I own.

I thought I was having slight anxiety when they put the For Rent sign (that you see above) in front of my house, but OH MY GOD….When people starting leaving with stuff I love.

It’s one thing to have a garage sale full of things you don’t want or need. But to sell things you really love; now that’s a totally different ball game.

I felt inspired, then sad, liberated, then irritable. I felt completely bipolar. Up and down the entire weekend. I felt like I had nothing left of what I had worked for. Coming from being homeless to a big beautiful house.

Questioning many times if this was really what I was being led to do. Not to mention I’m bringing my son!!! That in itself makes me extremely uncomfortable. But I learned from experience in the past if the Universe, God, Angels, Intuition, Conscious… Whatever you chose to describe it (I call it the whispers) are leading me to do something or go somewhere I am never disappointed because I know it’s part of my purpose. And when you’re in alignment with that purpose and you follow it no matter how ridiculously insane, seemingly impossible or confusing at the time; it all makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

So I’m trusting it as I would normally do. But this time is extremely different. I’m going to a place as a woman, by myself, with a kid.. In a country I know absolutely no one, no job waiting for me, or some man or relationship (as many tend to think) but straight up just Going… No real plan but to help people. As I’m preparing myself and researching as much as possible, yet leaving space for miracles to happen.

I’m really headed to Volunteer throughout Asia. The countdown is on. My place is already the rented, there’s no turning back now.

It sounds outrageous. But I have found that although it’s been a crazy road so far, this journey is not just for me. But I’m being used as a catalyst to inspire others to be able to see what’s possible. You can’t imagine how many people I come across that tell me they have heard the same call to help in other countries, leaving their jobs and security blanket of a lifestyle behind.

All that to say... Go for it... My best friend told me this weekend, “what do you have to lose, even if you have to end up coming back in a month instead of a year, at least you went. This is apart of your purpose. And every time to start over you end up with better than the last time.”

I agreed with her… I also believe that I am being purged of everything to make room for something much greater. You would be surprised how much money is just sitting around in your storage or garages tangible items that you will never use again yet are lugging from place to place. Get rid of the stuff that’s holding you hostage.

I believe if you are being called to go, pack your stuff and go. Somehow, someway it always works out.



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