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And so it Begins…
Following the Whisper

Phoenix | September 6, 2015

To many people it sounds completely nuts to just up and move across the country. But to me it sounds brilliant. Most times people tend not to travel or listen to the whispers in their spirit because of fear. Whether it be lack of finances, information, resources or whatever excuses we come up with.

But as I get ready to sell all of my things -Listening to the Whispers that are calling out to me and roll across the world with my 10 year old son; I’ve come across some of the most amazing tips; many of which I never even heard of or knew was possible. Things that will save you an enormous amount of money and time as well as ways to help others in the process.

It’s amazing how many people I come across that tell me that I am living their dream. As if something that I am doing is somewhat unattainable to them. But it’s not! I’m no different than anybody else.

Many people believe that you can’t just pack up and leave. But why can’t you? If your spirit is urging you to do something, you have to trust it, and just go for it! Becasue 10 times out of 10 it’s setting you up for something Incredible. But most times it’s US that is holding ourselves back from moving forward in our lives because the Whispers often times sound Insane!!! LOL….

Now I’m not saying be totally blind and don’t do your research or prepare. But I’m saying anything is Possible. Trust your inner navigational system that I call a Whisper to live your life on Purpose.

I for one have chosen to Go for it. Instead of Listening to the advice of my fears and trust that a way will be provided. Which is why I created this website. Because I am just in awe of some of the things that I have found.

Stay tuned. It just got real…..



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