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Travel Fears
Stepping Into the Unknown

Phoenix | November 12, 2015

This website is more than just about traveling the world. But about traveling while following the whispers in your spirit.

For me when I listen to my spirit and head into the unknown it often seems insane or impossible. But I’ve always found that when you are spiritually connected to the source; whatever that means for you. The seemingly impossible becomes possible and miracles happen.

But before you get there, for me anyway… You get hit with all sorts of challenges to test your faith. So I’m not going to lie… I am nervous. I mean I’m moving across the country with my son to volunteer and help people around the world. Which is a beautiful thing. But I’m like whoaaa, because as a mother your first thoughts are providing for your kids and keeping them safe.

Although I know we will be okay and that this will be the experience of a lifetime. The protective mom in me is like, “what if my son steps on a nail, what if the wrong kind of mosquito bites us, how am I gonna make money, where’s our safety net, where are we going to live during our downtime, do we have everything we need, are we missing anything, Am I prepared enough?”  My mind is racing a million miles a minute since I’m only 3 days away from stepping out on pure faith. I call it faith 2.0, reminding myself to trust my inner navigation system. Which is not always so easy, but you have to trust yourself. Because when you know its right, you gotta go for it letting nothing stop you.  No you haven’t lost your mind. But the jittery fear is natural. Acknowledge and allow it to flow through you without getting stuck in it or lose sight of where you’re being led to go or  do.

The key is to stay Connected. Present in the moment, and Prepared as much as possible while leaving room for miracles to happen. So take a deep breath… whooosaaaa you got this!



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