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Phoenix | October 26, 2015

So if you know anything about me, you know that I am not a fan of vaccinations. Because the only time I have ever been sick was 10 years ago when I got the infamous flu shot.

What many people may fail to realize is that vaccines are very neurotoxic and have been associated with a multitude of neurological disorders including, Epilepsy, deafness, blindness, brain tumors, ADD, autism and a host of others.  So being that I am a brain surgery survivor this concerns me a great deal, because I’m absolutely not interested in being shot up with any drug. Especially those that alter that natural progression and chemistry of my body & brain.

I don’t even like to take pain medication and chose more holistic routes to heal any internal problems as much as I can.

But here is where I am torn. Because I am taking my son with me to a country that we know nothing about; as well as volunteering in some of the more extreme poverty stricken areas of Asia. Would I be making a mistake trying to stick to my holistic approach to medicine and prevention?

I would feel so guilty if I put my son or myself in a dangerous health position that could be avoided or not. So. This leaves me torn.  (sigh)

Here is the recommend list of injections for Asia. :/ its a lot…. Seriously, who’s trying to get all of those shots….

  1. Yellow fever
  2. Hepatitis A 
  3. Hepatitis B
  4. Typhoid Fever
  5. Japanese Encephalitis
  6. Rabies
  7. Malaria
  8. and the list goes on


What do you think about this?


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