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Grooming Black Hair
While Traveling Abroad

Phoenix | December 28, 2015

So many days I tried to think about what exactly would I do with my sons hair while traveling in Southeast Asia. I know for a fact that I’m not about to magically run across a barbershop with some clippers to knock off a few inches of the afro my son is rapidly growing. Now I could’ve brought some clippers in my bag. But as I’ve been traveling I found that the power needed for them would’ve probably took out the lights on the whole Indonesian street.

So heres a few solutions that I came up with since I’ve been here.

• Pick up a facial and body hair trimmer. You can pretty much find them anywhere and they have multiple comb size attachments, don’t take much energy to charge and often battery operated.

Mine wasn’t charging; so I pulled out some good old scissors that I had found at the Guardian drug store here in Bali and they were super sharp and worked amazingly well.

I basically just sat him right in front of me in the sun, so that I could see all of the fluffy hairs coming out. Then just lightly started cutting it down.

But be careful not to get scissor happy and try to cut it to the desired thickness all at once. Because you’re highly like to end up with an un even chunk that you can’t fix. So just take your time and gradually take it down as you evenly cut all the way around.

I found that my sons hair looks a lot better when I just trim down the sides and back. It seems the more I keep the sides trimmed down, the more clean and groomed he looks.

If you have any other great ideas I’d love to hear about them.




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